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  • DVEIN Master Class sponsored by por Audiovisuales Canarias

    On Friday 28 January, Ping Pong Shop (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), we were honored to have Carlos Pardo, Fernando Domínguez and Teo Guillem (aka DVEIN) teaching a Master Class sponsored by Canary Audiovisual. For about two hours, Dvein shared details about his creative process, the production of their work and their experiences in dealing with clientes.Dvein born in the university as a collaborative project between two people: Teo Guillem and Fernando Domínguez. For several years, was a study of “amateur” and after working for Prologue Films for about a year, officially founded the studio, then joining Carlos Pardo. We do art direction, design or animation for film, television, music videos etc … We get involved at any step of the creative process from concept and storyboarding to the final piece of video or interactive projects. We like to think of ourselves as a study with an open mind always willing to engage in new propuestas.En Dvein recent years has worked for clients such as Diesel, American Airlines, Voll Damm, Canal + or National Geographic and has collaborated with renowned research international and Prologue Films, Kyle Cooper, in the development of credit titles for films such as Spiderman 3.The Dvein work has been shown in numerous events and festivals and its members have participated in various conferences and workshops around the digital creation and creativity as TOCA ME Munich, F5 in New York, Offf in Barcelona, ​​the LAUS and various universities and schools. They have also been selected in the New Director’s Showcase of Saatchi & Saatchi of the 2009 Cannes Film Festival and won awards at festivals such as Promax / BDA or LAUS. Apart from business, Dvein is proposed as a platform for experimentation is the basis and each project attempts to rethink how to approach their targets.