“San Juan en llamas”. LPA Projection Mapping

  First 3D Projection Mapping in the Canary Islands. Took place at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 23rd of June 2012. Producción y ejecución del proyecto: Audiovisuales Canarias.                   ...

Founded in 1997, Audiovisuales Canarias is a fundamental part in the field of rental and sale of audiovisual equipment, providing extensive experience, professionalism and quality services in the world of events. What has made us leaders in our sector in the Canaries.

The main objective of Audiovisuales Canarias is, be the complement of quality in audiovisual services. This earned us to be the first company in obtaining quality certifications ISO 9001 and 14000 in Canary Environmental.

Audiovisual media Canary reach the best and most-watched event professionals, both in the Canaries, and outside our regional area. Something that gives us a global scale, through the many national companies and international, with which we have among our customers.

The concern and the spirit of renewal of Audiovisuales Canarias gives us the latest technology and sophisticated audiovisual equipment, to cover a wide range of areas for action: conventions, culture, television, advertising, theater, fashion, automotive , tourism, music.

The Audiovisuales Canarias team is highly qualified, being professionals with extensive experience, technical ability to advise, assist and develop the needs of our customers. We endorse a lot of professional success.

Audiovisuales Canarias belongs to a AVC GROUP, a group of companies related to the audiovisual sector, which combine technical, human and logistics, to develop all kinds of events so complementearia. In addition, member since creation, as an associate member to the office of Canaria.Audioavisuales Gran Canarias conferences, audiovisual solutions, extensive experience and service quality.